Ieva Timermane

sworn advocate

About me

Defense and representation in court.

Freedoms. Easements. Contracts. Damages. Compensation.


Land ownership

It is also a responsibility.

There are things we care about, and there are things that require more attention from us than we have expected. In order to make a decision that suits your interests, it is important to be aware of the legal nature of your property. How we can get the ... read more

People and Country.
Subject of private law and institutions.

As we hope for the protection of our rights, we imagine the court first, but it starts many steps earlier, with our choices and actions. Personal initiative is needed to exercise your rights and also ... read more

Non-legal nature of divorce

The fewer illusions, the deeper the understanding. Our dreams are the first step towards achievement, with common goals easier to achieve by agreement. Also in mediation.

Two people take care of the resonance of the family in goals, feelings and soul. It is recommended that the ... read more


Defense in criminal proceedings

Personality, events (objective side), motivation (subjective side) and evidence - field of defense.

Knowledge of the evidence, its acquisition and its permissible use is an essential component of a lawyer's professionalism. Prolonged practice in civil law makes it easier to see the ... read more


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